Uzbekistan Airways offers three types of servicing: First, Business and Economic Class. The fare includes taxes and fees and depends on the conditions of your flight and destination.

The cheapest tickets you can buy have the most limitations. In most cases there is a fee to make any change. If there is any question about the date you intend to fly, opt for a more expensive but more flexible open ticket.


Special (reduced) Fare

The cheapest tickets should be purchased right away after the booking. Your reservation is active within 24 hours.
Cheap tickets contain fare restrictions that limit their refundable value and require fees and/or penalties to be deducted for any refund of the original ticket.
The validity of the ticket can be limited by any period of time, for example 1 month.
The dates of the flight of the cheapest ticket are fixed and cannot be changed.
The dates of the flight are changeable if the ticket was purchased on reduced rate (not the cheapest one).
Changes of the dates require fees and penalties to be deducted.
In most cases the special fare tickets are non-refundable; he route also cannot be changed.
Normal Fare (Open ticket)
The validity of the ticket is one year. In most cases the date of the flight and route can be changed without fees and penalties deduction.
The ticket is refundable with compensation of all expenses.
You can buy roundtrip or one-way ticket.
90 % discount is provided for children to 2 years;
25 to 50 % discounts are provided for the children from 2 to 12 years (depends on fare).
On domestic flights discounted family, youth and pensionary fares are available. Discounted fare can be more expensive then special.
Airport taxes are different in different countries
You airline agent must inform you about the fare regulations, taxes and about check-in.


For more information: info@uzbekistan-airlines.de