Aviation safety

The safety of flights develops of several components: reliability and efficiency of technics, competent actions of crew, elimination of a potential opportunity of penetration into the airport, aboard the plane malefactors or the dangerous luggage, bearing threat of a life to passengers and crew.
     The system created in Uzbekistan, has certain advantages. First, in its integrated approach. Secondly, that questions of aviation safety and regime-security measures the state has incured all.
     Protection of the airports, the control of passengers, members of crews, hand luggage, luggage, cargoes, an onboard feed, and also air crafts it is carried out by special division of Service of aviation safety.
     After reconstruction all international airport  ”Tashkent” is equipped by video cameras. The continuous visual control of behaviour of passengers is conducted. Multigradualness of check and an estimation of possible actions of the potential malefactor begins with registration.
     In an arsenal of services of the airports of Uzbekistan – the advanced technics. Their hardware is constantly improved.
     The service of examination on aviation safety is equipped by the newest equipment of manufacture of the USA and the Great Britain, it:
 - introscopes;
 - Stationary metal detectors;
 - Manual metal detectors;
 - Stationary and manual X-rays-photocomplex;
 - Detectors ВВ, etc.
      Airport “Tashkent” is protected by special security division. All check items also are equipped by the customs equipment.
     Preparation of experts of examination and employees of security division, bearing service on a check point, is organized at training center NAC “Uzbekistan Airways” on a rate “Aviation safety”. The Administrative board is trained at Subregional educational centers IKAO in Kiev and Moscow.
     Such system of preparation of employees completely corresponds to requirements IKAO therefore for the period with 1991 on present time it has not been admitted certificates of illegal intervention in activity of civil aircraft.
     International airport “Tashkent” – an air gate of the country. From here there is a basic volume of passenger traffic to near and far abroad. It is naturally, that attention to work of its all services raised. However, safety system, created in National air company, it is uniform for its all airports. Wherever  the passenger departed, it can be assured: all necessary for its safe flight is made.