The Republic of Uzbekistan occupies extensive spaces in the middle of the Central Asia, basically, in between rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya.  The territory of Uzbekistan makes 447,4 thousand sq. km.

 The population – 24,6 million person (01.01.2000)
Capital - Tashkent
 Administrative division – 12 areas and Republic of Karakalpakstan.
     Uzbekistan – the country of an ancient civilization. In its territory thousand monuments of archeology and architecture were kept, a plenty of manuscripts and the subjects testifying to original and centuries-old history of edge is stored in funds of centers of science and museums.
     During centuries the territory of present Uzbekistan was the original bridge between the East and the West, between the countries and people, a crossroads ancient Caravan ways, a place of a meeting of languages, cultures and religions. Rises and falling of civilizations, wars of empires, resettlement of people, shine of a scientific idea, miracles of architectural town-planning – all were seen with this ground. Here relics of an Islam were erected, lived and the greatest scientists and seminary students created. To visit this country, means to touch the history.

     If in the past for travel by Caravan’s road was need long months, today the National Air Company Uzbekistan Airways will help to make a trip around ” the Gold ring ” of Uzbekistan – to Samarkand,BukharaKhiva, Shakxrisabs, Termez which were included into world fund of a human heritage, just for one week.